Locksmith not only introduces new lock into the market along with that they also do-little modification within the older one so that it can handle the impact of brutality. In terms of modification padlock series of locks comes into the first position. Now padlocks of all sizes can be easily seen in almost every corner of the world. But along with padlock, there is other one special category of lock which is also called as the successor of a padlock, such type of lock is known as a deadbolt lock. It is a complete series specially designed for securing high profile main doors. The most important thing about deadbolt lock is such locks are difficult to pick. Padlocks contain pins whose movement is controlled by springs and such springs cause easy picking.

Locksmith Houston also realizes such thing that padlocks are easily pickable and in response to this deadbolt locks are highly recommendable. Padlocks are still used in many different regions, due to its cheaper cost and easy availability.