Generally, locksmiths gain a lot of popularity in recent years by performing key copying and key duplication kind of actions. Both such actions are different from each other. This means a client who wantsa locksmith for a key duplication-related project can’t seek help from such a locksmith who is an expert in performing the key copying process. Because both key copying and duplication are different in terms of actions. For key copying, locksmiths require anoriginal key, in which the locksmith tries to collect the traced data of the original key and create an identical key by using such data. It is kind of an easy process but on the other side mainly in the case of the key duplication process locksmiths don’t require any identical key to collect the traced data for key manufacturing. They prepare keys by analyzing the lock properties by examining the locking part of the lock and from this locksmith can be able to produce a key out of it, not generally one but as much as the client required. Locksmith Bethesda is an expert in performing both lock copying and duplication process.