For handling security within the residential areas locksmiths are highly preferred to go for using manual specification-based locking system in which deadbolt locks, lever handle locks are on their top priority list. When it comes to securing the primary area, which is the outer main gate of the house locksmith prefer to use their bulky manual configuration-baseddeadbolt locks which are completely made up of high-quality metal and considered as the strongestlock of the category and in another side for inside areas they mainly go with lever handle locks based locking system. Lever handle locks are the most stylish category of locks that operate on the dual mechanism, the first is the simple lever push, and the second the mechanical key use-based lock. Lever push is the temporary locking system and to upgrade security to the next level locksmith’s locksmith promote the trend of using keys specifically along with such locks. Locksmith Bronx NY is the best in tackling problems within the residential area by using manual locking systems.