Generally, the life of locksmiths is revolving around three major sectors that mainly fall within the public specified areas and these sectors are the residential sector, commercial sector, and automotive sector. In all these three sectors it is easy for any individual to find locksmiths. locksmiths generally divide their work according to the sectors and they got recognition based on such sectors. those locksmiths who are active in residential kind of areas are generally called the residential locksmiths, those who are active in commercial areas are generally called the commercial locksmiths and those who are active in the automotive sector are considered the automotive locksmiths. Such differentiation helps people a lot to find locksmiths based on their suitability. Locksmith Miami Beach is the most popular name that mainly falls within the category of residential locksmith services. it is easy to hire them by just making a single phone call. Further, the category of general and emergency locksmiths is common to observe within all above mention sectors.