The importance of locksmith services is mainly understood only after knowing its background. The links regarding the evolution of locksmiths are mainly connected with the earliest civilization especially when humans are in the initial stage of settlement. People shift themselves from the life of hunters and gatherers to a well-settled lifestyle and with this, they first realize the importance of security, mainly for secure storage and also prevention from outside threats. From this, the foundation is to start setup for the origin of the locksmith profession. People at that time start using simple basic locks generally made up of wooden material at that time wood is only prove to be the best material for the construction of the locks. Later with the evolution of time metal, material-made locks are getting introduced by a locksmith with this demand for locksmiths also gets increased sharply. Now locksmiths are everywhere known for dealing with all kinds of security issues. Locksmith Columbia MD is a famous name in the category of locksmithing.