Lock picking technique is the most dangerous technique. In guideline issued by local government in which it is mentioned that the lock picking technique is only allowed for authentic or genuine locksmiths. Those who were not locksmith and still perform such a technique will have to face serious law offensive cases. It is not difficult for any individual to learn such type of technique. Any common person with a minimum of thirty minutes of practice can easily learn how to pick any type of lock. As mentioned by locksmith lawrenceville padlock series of locks are easily pickable as compared deadbolt series of locks.

The working mechanism of both the padlock and deadbolt series of locks are different. Deadbolt locks are so strong and bulky that locksmith whether they were local or professional always recommend its installation on the outer main gate of the building. Locksmith always shows some weightage on securing the main door first because it is the primary source of entry in any building.