Some of the most common locks introduced and generally used by locksmiths to date are padlocks, deadbolt locks, pin tumbler lock, lever handle lock, knob lock, thumb rotating knob, interchangeable core-based locking system, and many others. All the above-mentioned categories of locks are categorized within the specific manual category along with that in modern times locksmith also introduces other kinds of locks mainly included within the category of the electronic segment. Some of the common electronic locks introduced by locksmiths are the biometric solution, personal identification-based locks, card swipetechnology-based locks, and many others. All above locks are not used by locksmiths in the specific spot they use it based on the requirement generally seen from the client-side. Locksmith Woodbridge VA is like to use electronic locks in various areas and according to them, it is good for people to upgrade themselves from manual locking-based concept to electronic locking specified area. the risk margin with electronic locks is lower as compared to manual locking.