The most advanced locks, present-day manufactured by locksmiths are magnetic card based locking systems, biometric-based locking systems, personal identification number-based locking systems and artificial intelligence-based locking systems. All of the above-mentioned locks are operated on a electronic platform. Among all these, personal identification numbers based locking systems are commonly used.

This system requires two bodies one is a hardcore metal that locks your door and the other is a digital system where the input is provided by the person. The digital body is fitted on the extreme left or right of the door, especially on the sidewall. After providing input software enables its functionality by altering the metal lock position which is responsible for locking/unlocking.

Now some people think that if in any case of longer power failure how such system works? To solve this problem locksmith apopka install batteries for backup and if batteries got dead then there is always an alternate option of manually operated locking system as a secondary backup option.