The design of the mechanical key is specific to the particular lock. Its uniqueness is based on blanks between the key and the head. This pattern is different among all types of keys. That’s why locksmith prefers tracing of the blanks before key duplication. In the case of a master key, as per the name, it is master in unlocking different types of locks. Now the question arises how is it possible to unlock different locks with the use of a single key?

When you break your car key in your vehicle ignition usually you expect keys made near me service instantly. This is the special department set up by the professional locksmith to deal with all key-related problems. As per they mention master keys are special keys in which the gaps between the head and the tail are long. In brief, the length is long and the width is short.

This key easily enters into any type of lock and with some extra effort, it can be unlocked easily.