Locksmith is never be considered as a modern present-day profession. It is one of the oldest professions. Locksmiths are continuously serving the people of the world for the past many centuries. The stage at which people realize the importance of security at that particular moment the birth of the locksmith profession occurs. Locksmith as the name suggested try to figure out security-related things by keeping locks as the standard reference. With the help of locks, locksmith tries to make things neutral in terms of security. There is always be a war going on between brutality and the locksmith and in this war, brutal actions are considered under an attacking approach, and on the other side, locksmithing stood against such action by applying a defensive approach. It is a hypothetical condition considered for understanding locksmith services.

The term defensive approach indicates locks, fully designed by locksmiths. One of the oldest and best locks, still recommended by locksmith atlanta ga on large scale is the pin tumbler lock.